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10 Secret Techniques to Seduce Men by
Ex-KGB Agent
Aliia Roza
seduction instructor
Techniques will work regardless of your appearance, age, or social status
Techniques can be used on anyone: ordinary men and millionaires
Techniques are suitable to use in personal and business relationships
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Aliia Roza
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199. 90 $
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Founder of the Seduction and Manipulation Academy
Trained over 1,000 students
Former Russian secret agent
Seduction instructor for stars and politicians
Graduated military academy based on KGB program studied espionage and seduction techniques
Studied in the same KGB program as Putin
Women empowerment activist
World bloggers woman empowerment influencer award according to Forbes during Cannes Film Festival
TV producer and host of shows on Gossip Stone TV and 24 FashionTV
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Your life will never be the same again after the course. You will be able to seduce anyone. And if you want, you can even get a man to marry you. And I, Aliia Roza, guarantee it
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Best Women empowerment activist award according Venice edition during Venice Film Festival